Kit Clay Mug 9 Onz Chocolate or Coffee 6 Pcs Made in La Chamba Tolima Colombia Protect your Health and Take Care non Pollutant Mom Gift

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Chocolate Cup 9 onz Black Clay original made in Village La Chamba Tolima Colombia protect your health and take care the planet, vegan, organic, sustainable and no contaminant.

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Chocolate or Coffee Cup Mug 9.5 Onz Black Clay original made in Village La Chamba Tolima Colombia Protect Your Health and Take Care the Planet, Vegan, Organic, Sustainable and non Pollutant

  • Handmade in Colombia Village Tolima From Clay Natural Allow it to Withstand Heat. Clay is One of the Most Abundant Natural Material on Earth. Its Composition of Minerals and Metals on It are Similar to Those Found in the Human Body. Therefore all the Utensils Made of Clay are Ideal for Culinary Use
  • Can be Used on Gas Electric or Glass Stovetops as Well as the Oven Microwave or Grill
  • PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND TAKE CARE OF THE PLANET: Vegan Organic Sustainable and no Contaminant Leaching Product. Colombia kitchenware is Made without Using & Without the Use of any Dairy or Animal by-Products Making Them 100% Vegan & Organic Cooking Pots
  • Elegant Decorative Authentic 5 Days of Hard Work to Obtain Each of These Beautiful Pieces. With your Purchase you Support the Economy of 300 Families of Hand Craftsman

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