La Chamba Dot Paintings Art Clay Pot for Cooking with Lid earthenware cooking pot 3.5 liters Organic Soup Pot Unglazed Organic

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100% organic products free of paints and lacquers 100% handmade – painting clay pot

Tayamma Home – La Chamba Pottery Art – Decorated with the artistic technique of dot painting pointillism art with dots
Height without lid: 11 Centimeters (4.2 Inches); with lid: 18 centimeters (7 inches)
Diameters: 27 cms (10.2 inches) long side and diameter short side: 23.5 cms (9.2 Inches)

Presenting our extraordinary unglazed handmade clay pot for cooking with Lid – a 3.5-liters Traditional Colombian Earthen Casserole, an emblem of authentic mud kitchen craftsmanship. Decorated with the artistic technique of pointillism.

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– Versatile and exquisite, this Mitti Handi is perfect for Donabe, Earthenware, and Traditional Cooking.
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– Crafted with precision, this clay cooking pot is ideal for Biryani and Mexican Terracotta dishes.
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– Experience the charm of Indian Clay Cookware, including the Unglazed Clay Kadai and Big Indian Biryani pot.
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Transform your kitchen with the authenticity of a Clay Roaster Oven.

Perfect Gift for Every Occasion:* Whether for a boyfriend, dad, girlfriend, husband, mom, sister, wife, or a couple, our La Chamba saute pan makes for an exceptional and thoughtful gift. Ideal for housewarmings, personalized gestures, or special occasions.

Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled craftsmanship, where each piece tells a story. Shop now on Etsy and bring the rustic allure of mud kitchen traditions into your home. Elevate your cooking rituals, make a lasting impression, and embrace the joy of unique, handmade clay pots. 🍲🏺

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