SET Clay Pot for Cooking with Lid Terracotta Casserole 4 Liters and 4 Soup Bowl 18 Oz Earthen Unglazed 100% Handmade in La Chamba.


SET Cookpot Soup Pot 2.5 Liters Stew Pot Black Clay Earthen and 4 Soup Bowl Mug100% Handmade Enhance Food Taste


Tayamma Home – Colombia Pottery Art

Kit La Chamba Soup Pot 4 items and 4 Soup Bowl

100% Handmade in La Chamba Tolima Colombia Enhance Food Taste Take Care the Planet

Old Kitchen Utensils

Traditional Ancestral Vegetarian and Vegan Kitchen Utensils

Our pieces can change color with use because they are pieces without any type of paint or lacquer and especially when they are used on open fire without affecting their characteristics. These pieces are made preserving our ancestral culture.

Hight 12 Inches aprox
Diameter 9 Inches aprox

The Chamba Pottery is one of the most valuable and distinctive crafts in Colombia. With over 700 years of tradition, this ceramics is known for its elegance and durability. Here we present some of the best features of Chamba Pottery:

Handmade: Chamba Pottery is completely molded and handmade. Each piece is unique and has its own personality.

Without lacquers or organic paints: Chamba pottery is completely natural, no lacquers or organic paints are used toxin free for this reason especially when they are used on open fire. This makes it very resistant to wear and tear and time.

Ancestral tradition: Chamba pottery has been manufactured for centuries using traditional techniques and designs. This makes each piece a true cultural treasure.

Beauty and elegance: Chamba pottery is known for its beauty and elegance. Its designs and colors are unique and attractive, making it an excellent option for decorating any space.

Durability: Chamba pottery is very resistant and durable. It can withstand high temperatures and does not wear out easily. This makes it an excellent option for everyday use.

In summary, Chamba pottery is a high-quality and durable craftsmanship, with great beauty and elegance, and with an ancestral tradition that makes it a valuable and unique piece.

Can be used on gas, electric or glass stovetops, as well as the oven, microwave, grill and open flame.


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